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Looking for a specialist in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry that provides expertise services in Union County in NC and surrounding areas in Charlotte NC & SC? Kendal Air Heating & Cooling's HVAC Contractors are licensed in NC & SC and are ready to help! We provide Spring & Fall Maintenance HVAC Packages that ensure the life of your system. We also provide repairs and installation services to residential areas for air duct, thermostat or other HVAC related issues. If your air conditioning or heating unit has just broken down, you need someone who's quick, reliable and provides a fair price in today's HVAC Service Industry that will come help resolve the issue, not charge you an astronomical amount.

If you have any problem with your HVAC unit, you can count on our team of licensed HVAC Contractors to fix it! We'll perform a complete diagnostic of the system and identify the issue. We will provide you with options so you can choose the best solution for you and your family. At Kendal Air Heating & Cooling we pride ourselves on being a complete HVAC service company, not a sales organization. We are not here to sell you unneeded repairs, replacements or accessories - our HVAC Contractors are here to help you get a good investment for your money.

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“I know from first hand experience that most HVAC companies have turned the trade into a sales organization, while I still believe in the idea of a service organization. A large number of companies have also turned into commission based businesses where employees receive a percentage of each repair they make. In my opinion, this breeds dishonesty amongst technicians, pushing them to offer customers repairs that are way too expensive and oftentimes not necessary. That is why we do things here at Kendal Air so differently. My service technicians are never paid based on commission, so customer’s always know that they are being offered repairs that are needed at the fairest price possible. Trained while in the United States Air Force and with over 35 years of experience in the trade, I feel confident in knowing that each and every customer to call Kendal Air will be receiving quality work, fair pricing, and excellent customer service. If you are in need of equipment repairs, replacement, or add-ons, call us today at 704-989-0164.”

Kent Buckalew, Owner