Housecall Pro Review- August 20, 2019

After several outrageous estimates from companies with fancy trucks and big TV commercials, Kent not only provide us with a great value for the money but also provided a fix for the old tired broken down system to get us through the heat wave until Kendal Air could replace our systems. Kent was very knowledgeable and provided several options from repair to replacement. Ultimately we chose to replace both heating and cooling systems due to their age and energy consumption. This was a great experience. Everyone was courteous and a pleasure to meet and talk to. Christine took the time, during a very special day for her family to contact me and answer my questions regarding options for financing. The installation crew (Mike, Adam, and Austin) were very professional and quickly replaced not just one Heating and Cooling system but two by early afternoon. I will be recommending to everyone I know that if they need any repairs, replacement, or just regular maintenance of their heating or cooling systems always contact Kendal Air. I plan on using Kendal Air for all my heating and cooling system needs from now on.

Thank you all

The Spiess