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Kendal Air Heating & Cooling is a HVAC company located in Union County, NC. Our company provides installation and repairs to your heating and cooling systems in the Union County areas at prices that won’t drain your wallet. Our owner is backed by more than 30 years of experience in the residential heating and cooling industry. As long as you require HVAC-related help, we can find a viable solution. We even offer a maintenance program to ensure the longevity of your heating or air conditioning unit.

We’re licensed to come to your aid in North Carolina (NC License: 32963) or South Carolina (SC License: M113996) when it relates to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system repairs - installation - maintenance issues.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started or call us at 704.989.0164! 


Kendal Air Heating & Cooling opened its doors in July of 2016. The owner decided that after 30 years of working for companies that based their sales off of commission, overcharging, and overselling, that he would open his own business, guaranteeing value and truthfulness to every customer. Since then, we have been promising our customers the best services and fairest prices in the Charlotte area. Our company works to ensure customer satisfaction, valuing honesty and integrity in everything that we do. We commit to never offering our customers services and repairs that aren't needed, nor will we up-sell in any way. Licensed and Insured in NC & SC Ecclesiastes 9:10

Kent Buckalew, Owner

I know from first hand experience that most HVAC companies have turned the trade into a sales organization, while I still believe in the idea of a service organization. A large number of companies have also turned into commission based businesses where employees receive a percentage of each repair they make. In my opinion, this breeds dishonesty amongst technicians, pushing them to offer customers repairs that are way too expensive and oftentimes not necessary. That is why we do things here at Kendal Air so differently. My service technicians are never paid based on commission, so customer's always know that they are being offered repairs that are needed at the fairest price possible. Trained while in the United States Air Force and with over 35 years of experience in the trade, I feel confident in knowing that each and every customer to call Kendal Air will be receiving quality work, fair pricing, and excellent customer service. If you are in need of equipment repairs, replacement, or add-ons, call us today at 704-989-0164. 

How did the name "Kendal" Air Heating & Cooling get decided on?

So why is this heating and ac business named after my daughter? She's a competitive ice skater. She jumps so high on the ice and is known for the "air" she gets, hence the name, "Kendal Air" Heating & Cooling.  We will guarantee you great service, great value, and most importantly, a great price. I have trained over 200 techs in Charlotte and have been asked why I have never opened my own company. Well, now I have. I am insured with North AND South Carolina licenses. If anyone has any issues or needs maintenance, give me a call. You will be glad you did guaranteed. Kent of Kendal Air Heating & Cooling.